Mirabella Spa invites you into a world of beauty and harmony, where you can relax and recharge new energy. We offer unique body treatments, relaxing, correcting, and healing treatments, massages, exotic rituals and effective cosmetic procedures for the face, which improve skin condition. Our certified Spa specialists will help you to choose a programme and surround you with care and attention. Most of the procedures are unique and have been designed specifically for Mirabella Spa. Mirabella Spa specializes in exclusive, world-famous French cosmetic brands for facial and body treatments.


for several decades, Payot Beauty Institute has been one of the most respected institutions in the world of cosmetology. Payot has become widely known and popular - in fact this magnificent cosmetics not only emphasize the natural beauty of every woman, but also maintain youthful skin for a long time.


would you like one touch to take care of your beauty? During 74 years professional cosmetics brand Matis has used its experience to create means of maintaining beauty, offering innovative and qualitative products for skin care.


professional bioorganic Spa line represented in the most prestigious Spa, beauty salons and hotels around the world. The creator of the brand Jean-Louis Poirier for years has traveled the world in search of the best treatments and massages. That is why the base of the brand is formed by the traditional ancient art of health systems and the principles of modern biocosmetics. This combination makes CINQ MONDES advanced and truly modern Spa line, which provides a unique experience.


Entrust all your worries to us and we will relieve your stress and fatigue,

and your soul and body will be filled with harmony and positive life energy!

 Thank you for choosing Mirabella SPA!

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