Spa etiquette

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Mirabella SPA


We prepare carefully for your arrival. Therefore, we suggest you make your reservation in advance, which will give us additional time and will make your visit more efficient. If your plans have changed, we recommend to cancel your visit at least 24 hours before your scheduled time.

You can get the detailed information about Spa treatments offered at Mirabella Spa from our administrators and Spa specialists who will be happy to answer all your questions.

Your comfort and relaxation during the treatment are important to us, that is why we recommend you to arrive 15 minutes earlier, so you can change into the robe and slippers prepared for you.

If it is your first visit, we will need some time to get acquainted with you, so we expect to see you 30 minutes prior to your scheduled treatment time.

If you are late for your appointment, the time of the treatment will be reduced accordingly. We are afraid that it may lower the treatment efficiency and will not bring desired results.

We offer you the possibility to spend some time in our sauna before the treatment, which will enhance the effect of your Spa treatment, help you relax and prepare your skin. We ask you to follow the internal rules and wear a swimsuit or swimming trunks while you are using the sauna.

We prefer that nothing distracts you while you are spending time with us. Your perfume can prevent you from enjoying your treatment in full.

In order to feel comfortable during your Spa treatment, we recommend that men shave two hours prior to the face treatments and ladies do their depilation one day before the treatment.

We take care of your health and we do not have smoking area.

We create and cultivate the atmosphere of peace and tranquility in our Spa salon for your comfort and relaxation. Mobile phone sound and loud conversations may have unpleasant effect on the general ambiance.

All treatments are intended for your relaxation, health and beauty. Mirabella Spa does not offer erotic and intimate services.

We wish you a pleasant time, positive EMOTIONS and harmony!
We are always happy to see YOU at Mirabella Spa!